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BOB-7 All-in-one Water Ozonation

BOB-7 All-in-one Water OzonationAug 2016
2 g/hr from ambient air

All in one system
  • Feed gas preparation

  • Ozone generation

  • Ozone / water integration
Compact weatherproof cabinet for outdoor installation
Simply connect to a water pump to produce ozonated water
Supplied with pressure gauge/switch and pump adaptor
Applications BOB-7
Bottle rinsing
Disinfection of DI Water for industrial production processes
Cooling tower treatment up to 50 RT (Refrigeration Tons), equivalent to 600,000 Btu/hr or 175 kW
Water recycling
Aquaculture and aquarium
Swimming pool, Spa
Water storage


All-in-one Ozonated Water Generator
Feed gas preparation, ozone generation, ozone/water integration, all in a compact weatherproof cabinet
Dimension 205W x 190D x 480H mm
Weight 12 kg
Ozone production 2 g/hr
Ozone concentration in water Up to 0.6 ppm disolved in potable water for 500 litre/hour take-off
Water flow rate through BOB-7 1500 to 3000 litre/hour at 2 Bar g inlet pressure and no outlet back pressure
Cabinet construction Stainless Steel
Ozone injector Stainless steel Venturi based integrated Coaxial Mixer
Feed gas Ambient air sucked in by vacuum
Principle of operation Venturi vacuum, no pressurized ozone
Ozone generation Corona discharge between quartz tubes with special coating High frequency power supply, IGBT based
Indicators LEDs for power on/off and ozone generation
Power consumption 190 W
Cooling Internal, via process water flowing through Venturi
Water inlet/outlet connections 1" thread, stainless steel
Water inlet pressure gauge Pressure gauge with electrical contact to interlock ozone production
Power supply requirement AC 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Certification CE and EMC certified
Warranty 1 Year

BOB-7 Installation
The BOB-7 should be installed downstream of an ozone resistant pump as follows:
Pump flow rate Q 1.5 - 3 m³/hr
Pump outlet pressure 2 bar g with BOB-7 outlet back pressure of < 0.2 bar g
Particle size < 100 µm
Suitable pump and pre-filter available on request

BOB-7 Water flow

12 Deacons Hill Road Elstree Hertfordshire WD6 3LH • tel/fax +44 (0)20 8386 4675
Reg. in England & Wales, Company No. 05470761 • Reg. Office: Beacon House 113 Kingsway London WC2B 6PP

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Published on: 2014-02-14

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