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Cytology Ozone Free Box

Cytology Ozone Free Box
Continuous protection from ozone throughout preparation, hybridization, washing, drying and scanning
Cytology Ozone Free Box
  • Protects fluorochrome dyes from ozone degradation
  • Provides continuous protection for every step of microarray work
  • Swing up door for ease of access to all microarray equipment
  • Automatic air curtain protects box contents when door open
  • Ozone level below critical 5ppb even with door open
  • Ozone stabilised at 1ppb when door closed
  • 2 programmable ozone alarms can be set to warn if levels are rising and if critical 5ppb level has been breached
  • Airflow of 1.5m/s can be boosted to cope with rising ozone levels caused by outside pollution or by equipment in the box
  • Available in 2 standard sizes to cover virtually every microarray platform configuration
  • Optimised to house scanner, hybridisation station, mini centrifuge, hybridisation cassettes, wash stations and hotplates in a single protected enclosure
Analysis of:
  • DNA
  • Proteins
  • Antibodies
  • Tissues
  • Cells
Studies have shown that fluorescent dyes commonly used to label samples are destroyed by ozone levels above 5 ppb (parts per billion) within 10 to 30 seconds of exposure.

It is therefore important that ozone concentration is kept below this level during sample preparation, hybridization, washing, drying and scanning. The Cytology Ozone Free Box limits ozone to very low levels through fast and highly effective ozone destruction (> 99%), providing an ideal workspace for every stage of microarray work which may be compromised by ozone.

Our innovative technology uses transparent PMMA to create a sealed enclosure large enough to accommodate all the relevant equipment, a catalytic converter unit to destroy the ozone and a high precision ozone sensor to provide control and to confirm the low level of ozone achieved.

The Cytology Ozone Free Box even keeps ozone below 5ppb with the swing up door open, allowing operators easy access to equipment without compromising test results.
Efficient and Fast Ozone Destruction
The Cytology Ozone Free Box operates by using an air circulation loop which forces the enclosure air through a highly efficient catalytic converter, converting ozone (O3) into oxygen (O2)

The advanced design ensures that 99% of ozone is destroyed with an airflow of just 1.5 m/s

Utilising the most powerful catalytic monolith technology produces an ozone level lower than 1ppb with the door closed and lower than 5ppb with the door open. The catalytic filter is formulated so that it does not create any dust or powder, making the unit ideal for use in clean rooms

Under normal atmospheric and temperature conditions, the lifetime of the catalytic filters is estimated at between 6 month to 1 year
Cytology Ozone Free Box
Instantaneous Monitoring of Ozone Levels
Cytology Ozone Free BoxCytology Ozone Free Box
High-precision sensor is connected by a cable and an RJ 45 connector to the digital displayThe control panel features a digital display showing ozone levels in real time.
An alarm can be programmed via the control panel to warn users when ozone levels exceed 5 ppb.
There is an optional feature available to also show temperature and humidity levels in real time.
Cytology Ozone Free BoxPlot of ozone concentration (ppb) versus time (min( inside the Cytology Ozone Free Box under different conditions.

Starting from an ambient concentration of 23 ppb, ozone levels in the enclosure are reduced to less than 1 ppb in under 3 min.

Even with the door open, ozone levels usually do not exceed 5 ppb.
Cytology Ozone Free BoxCytology Ozone Free Box
Fig 1

Scan of a hybridized Microarray incubated in an uncontrolled ozone environment (Fig.1)
Fig 2

Scan of a hybridized Microarray incubated in an ozone-free environment (Fig.2).
Cytology Ozone Free BoxCytology Ozone Free Box
Enclose & protect scanner and associated equiptAutomatic air curtain when lift up door opened
Cytology Ozone Free BoxCytology Ozone Free Box
Assemble Box around equipment, or put equipment in after assemblyAccess to filter loader, fan settings & power inlet
Cytology Ozone Free BoxCytology Ozone Free Box
2 brush closures in rear for cable pass-throughsFan and recirculating vent strip in blue section
Cytology Ozone Free Box
ModelOFB 100 x 150OFB 100 x 200
Dimensions mm1710W x 800D x 1000H2210W x 800D x 1000H
Work Space mm (Approx)1500W x 800D2000W x 800D
Access Doors1 x swing up1 x swing up and 1 x hinged
Fits minimum bench surface1710W x 800D 2210W x 800D
ConstructionAnodized Aluminium profiles, glazed with transparent and blue PMMA
Catalyst Filters125mm x 125mm x 15mm Aluminium with special MnO2 Manganese Dioxide coating
Air flow1.5 m/s
Centrifugal fan1650 rpm, 150 W

Ozone sensor
  • High precision
  • Accuracy ±1 ppb
  • Range 0 to 50 ppb
  • Response time less than 70 s
  • Operating temperature -5°C to +50°C

  • On/off switch on front and on side of catalytic convertor unit
  • Real time digital display of ozone level on front
  • Programmable ozone alarm on front
Electrical requirements220/110 V, 50/60 Hz, 105 W
CE Declaration of ConformityAvailable on request
Options and Accessories
Cytology Ozone Free BoxData log ozone levels with time and date stamp.

View in real time as graph or as table, or both together

Print both.

Compare real time data with logged data.
Cytology Ozone Free Box

Also monitor, log and time stamp both temperature and humidity.
Cytology Ozone Free BoxKeep Box free of dust with AlphaLite ® lightweight knitted wipers constructed of 100% continuousfilament polyester. The wipers are highly adsorbent making them ideal for spill control whilst their ultralow particulate and extractable levels make them eminently suitable for use in cleanrooms; in fact they are supplied in Solvent-safe Bag-Within-A-Bag® cleanroom packaging.
Cytology Ozone Free BoxCytology Ozone Free Box
Clean the far reaches of the Box with the ClipperMop™ which uses standard AlphaLite ® wipers.
These are securely fastened to the head by non-abrasive polyethylene clips without releasing particles, fibres or dirt.

The mop has a flexible polyester pad for better wiping efficiency, an adjustable telescopic handle and a low profile swivel head assembly which allows access to hard-to-reach areas.
12 Deacons Hill Road Elstree Hertfordshire WD6 3LH • tel/fax +44 (0)20 8386 4675
Reg. in England & Wales, Company No. 05470761 • Reg. Office: Beacon House 113 Kingsway London WC2B 6PP

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Published on: 2014-03-07

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