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Duo 10 Portable Ozone Generator with Ozone Destruct

Dec 17
Duo 10 Portable Ozone Generator with Ozone Destruct
- Powerful 10,000 mg/hr
- Ozone Destruct for rapid treatment

AS Duo Portable Ozone Generator
with Ozone Destruct
  Eliminates odours by breaking up the molecules that cause them
  Integrated ozone destruct removes ozone after treatment, allowing rapid re-entry and deployment elsewhere
  Environmentally friendly – requires no chemicals or fluids
  Produces ozone directly from air
  Castors for easy positioning and movement
  Simple to use, 5 fully automatic treatment time settings: 15, 30, 45, 60 and 120 minutes
  5 additional ozone destruct settings
  30 second delayed start for operator safety
  Shutter technology ensures ozone destruct does not limit full ozone output
  Sturdy lightweight aluminium construction for commercial use
  Removable ozone destruct filter cartridge for easy service
  UK built
  12 month warranty
  removing odours caused by   hotel guest rooms
      ◦ smoke   holiday homes
      ◦ cooking   caravans
      ◦ mould   leisure boats
      ◦ mildew   kitchens
      ◦ sewage   basements
  indoor fire restoration   food transportation vehicles
  flood deodorization   sheltered accommodation
  removing pet odours   care homes
  landlord clean-up   exercise rooms
  Ozone output   10,000 mg/hr
  Mains supply   230V 50Hz 140W via fused mains switch and detachable IEC mains cable
  Fan   integral
  Ozone destruct flow rate   335 m3/hr
  Ozone output flow rate   295 m3/hr
  Treatment timer   5 settings: 15, 30, 45, 60 and 120 minutes with additional destruct cycles for soft furnishings
  Safety   30 seconds delayed start and instant Stop button
  Weight   8.5 kg approx.
  Enclosure   lightweight aluminium
  Dimensions mm   425 x 265 x 225
  Limitation   indoor use only
  Warranty   12 month
  Ozone should not be used in the presence of people, animals or plants
  Ozone, particularly through prolonged or regular treatment, can damage materials such as electrical cable sleeving, fabrics and art work containing susceptible dyes and pigments; these should therefore be removed or fully enclosed by plastic sheeting before treatment
  As part of the process of continual product enhancement, technical details and colour may be changed without notice.
12 Deacons Hill Road Elstree Hertfordshire WD6 3LH • tel/fax +44 (0)20 8386 4675
Reg. in England & Wales, Company No. 05470761 • Reg. Office: Beacon House 113 Kingsway London WC2B 6PP

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Published on: 2016-11-19

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