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Mobile ozone sanitiser/odour eliminator

Mobile ozone sanitiser/odour eliminator
- with ozone destruct
 Features Mobile sanitiser
Kills bacteria and viruses, eliminates odours
Environmentally friendly -no chemicals
New improved high performance plasma ozone generation - fastest treatment in its class
New improved consistent high performance even in humid conditions
Integrated ozone destruct rapidly removes ozone after treatment, minimising downtime
Simple to use, fully automatic
Remote activation of ozone destruct mode during programme
Patented double dielectric barrier discharge technology
12 month warranty

Sanitising micro-organisms Used in
  • bacteria
  • food high care areas
  • viruses
  • sandwich preparation rooms
  • moulds
  • commercial kitchens
Eliminating odours
  • food storage
  • waste odours
  • cheese maturation
  • cooking odours
  • cold stores
Repelling pests
  • food transportation vehicles
  • from food
  • waste storage areas
  • from waste
  • changing areas
fully automatic ozone generation and destruct
destroys odours
kills micro-organisms E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, etc.
treats up to 500m3
cycle time 15 minutes to 50 hours with ozone destruct, up to 72 hours without ozone destruct
control: digital keypad and display
multiple parameter setting of room size and treatment time
large wheels for easy rolling, also spreads load so leaves no tracks
4" ozone output duct for optional remote ozone routing
12 g/hr output from air feed gas
Simple remote activation of ozone destruct via 1.5 minute power interruption during programme
Benefit from our 18 years' experience in supplying ozone generators and getting the best from them
  • Ozone output
12 g/hr
  • Airflow rate
450 m3/hr
  • Input voltage and power
230V 50Hz 350W
  • Weight
34 kg
  • Ozone outlet
nominal 100mm dia
  • Enclosure
metal and ABS
  • Dimensions with handle
500 x 400 x 1000 mm
  • Dimension packed for shipping
660 x 530 x 940 mm
  • Limitation
indoor use only
  • Temperature range
-5°C to +40°C
  • Humidity
maximum relative humidity 95%
  • Warranty
12 months
Ozone should not be used in the presence of people, animals or plants

Repeated ozone treatment can degrade some types of rubber, electrical wire coatings and fabrics as well as susceptible dyes and pigments.
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Published on: 2014-03-07

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