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ONYX floor mount oxygen generator

floor mount oxygen generator
Onyx floor mount oxygen generator
  • Advanced engineering
  • Low operating cost
  • Transportable with rollerbase design
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Time-proven reliability
  • Thousands in use around the world
  • CE certified

  • Ozone Generator Feed Gas
  • Fish Farming
  • Waste/Water Treatment
  • Cutting/Brazing/Soldering
  • Thermal/Chemical Oxidation
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Glass Work/Manufacturing/Blowing
  • Hospital Systems
Principle of Operation
Air contains 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 0.9% argon, and 0.1% other gases. Oxygen generator systems separate oxygen from compressed air through a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process. The PSA process uses molecular sieve (a synthetic zeolite), which attracts (adsorbs) nitrogen from air at high pressure and releases (desorbs) it at a low pressure.

The oxygen generator uses two vessels filled with molecular sieve as adsorbers. As compressed feed air flows through one of the vessels, the molecular sieve adsorbs nitrogen. The remaining oxygen passes through the vessel and exits as the product gas. Before the adsorber becomes saturated with nitrogen, the feed air is diverted to the second vessel. At that point, the sieve in the first vessel regenerates by desorbing the nitrogen through depressurization and purging it with oxygen from the second vessel.

This process is then repeated in the second vessel to complete a cycle that allows the oxygen generator to deliver a constant flow of product oxygen at 90% minimum purity. Under normal operating conditions, the molecular sieve is completely regenerative and will last indefinitely.
Onyx Gas purity

ONYX oxygen generator
Dimensions 400 x 370 x 730 mm
Shipping Dimensions 440 x 400 x 850 mm
Weight 25 kg Net, 30kg Gross
Typical power consumption 350W
Mounting Floor mount rollerbase
Product flow 6 ltr/min (Onyx); 8ltr/min (Onyx Plus)
Standard Product Pressure 0.62 Bar g (Onyx); 1.38 Bar g (Onyx Plus)
Outlet Non Return Valve Incorporated
Product Purity 93% ±3%
Product Dew Point -73ºC
Sound Level 49 dB
Operating conditions +4ºC to +44ºC in well ventilated area protected from weather
Product gas outlet ¼ in NPT/B size oxygen adaptor
Power supply AC 220 V ±10%, 50 Hz, single phase
Certification CE and CSA
Warranty 1 year parts and factory labour
The manufacturer (and therefore Advanced Ozone Products Ltd.) reserves the right to change specifications and/or design without notice.
12 Deacons Hill Road Elstree Hertfordshire WD6 3LH • tel/fax +44 (0)20 8386 4675
Reg. in England & Wales, Company No. 05470761 • Reg. Office: Beacon House 113 Kingsway London WC2B 6PP

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Published on: 2014-02-16

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